Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 8

Today's theme is 'favorite color'.  I wasn't sure if this meant my favorite color or what so I chose mine.  :)

Purple is my favorite color.  Sometimes I flop between blue and purple but I think, deep down, purple is my favorite.  I like blue because I love the color of my eyes.  Purple is fantastic.  Nothing on me is purple, well except for the time the nurse blew my vein with an IV and the next day my entire arm was purple!  Ha!  That was special.  I like purple because it is a girly color but not overly used.  It is the color of royalty in the Bible and purple lilacs are my absolute favorite flower.  Purple seems to make me think of strength and deep love.  It is a calming, refreshing color to me.  So, that is my favorite color!  

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leslie.kidd said...

Purple is such a nice color ... I like your picture, wish mine was so fun!