Saturday, February 28, 2009

In Bosnia with Operation Christmas Child

Over Energy Break I was selected to be a sponsor for the VCS mission trip to Bosnia.  I was quite surprised that I was chosen as I teach elementary school and all of the students going were high schoolers.  Well, I prayed and packed my bags.  While we were in Bosnia we handed out over 2,200 Operation Christmas Child boxes.  It was amazing!  I have now been involved in all areas of this program and I can say that it has definitely blessed me! 

Here are some things I've learned while on the trip to Bosnia:
  • High School students are not scary!!  I truly enjoyed myself while ministering with this group of High School students.  They blew me away with their deep desire to allow God to work within their lives.  Their continual faith amazed me from praying for a simple thing like a fire to start to praying for the OM Bosnia team to encourage them.  It was amazing to me that these kids gave up their break to minister to the hurting.  They are quite talented and have a heart to impact the world and see God move!
  • Due to the war the Bosnians are hurting emotionally and physically.  We were able to light a match for Jesus in this area.  We were giving hope and trust back to these people. Hopefully this fire will grow and many lives will be changed as a result.
  •  It was amazing to hear and see the shrieks of joy from children who received the packages.  We were definitely able to give them joy for the moment.  Every child in Krupa, Bosnia received a package.  That is amazing!  Lives were touched.  The joy and sparkle returned to many of these children's eyes.  The laughter that bubbled from their hearts helped us all to realize that we were truly impacting lives!  Some kids were so excited to receive their package they unloaded all of the boxes from the truck themselves! 

Friday, February 27, 2009

I am so proud of these students!

So, every year I bite off more than I can chew when it comes to having my kiddos memorize Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12).  Every year we barely make it but we eventually make it!  This year we seemed to slide into it.  It was great!  My kids did so well and they learned it so fast.  I joke with them and tell them that they have incredibly large brains.  We put the motions to the verse on Monday and presented it on Thursday!  They are amazing.  Enjoy the video and know I am smiling with happiness for my Kinder!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A cute kid with a big brain....

This is one of the two students I tutor.  He showed up to tutoring the other day with this cute hat.  I just had to take a picture.  He is a great kid!  He always makes me smile and he always tries his hardest for me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The things I overhear!

So, today when I was picking up my kiddos from music one of them was telling another student, "This room smells good. It smells like music." When this was said the entire class sniffed to try and figure out what a music smelling room smells like!! I thought this was hilarious so I had to tell you about it! Cute!

While my students were writing their pen pal letters I overheard this conversation:
My new student: "I am from Hungary."
The student who sits next to him: "I know"
My new student: "My mom is Hungarian."
The student who sits next to him: "I don't think my mom is hungry. She probably ate lunch."
This conversation still makes me giggle! I hope it made you smile!