Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 16

Today's theme is animals.  This was an easy one only because Carrie and I are cat-sitting two lovely kitties this year.  Here they are in their loveliness!  

Newton is the orange kitty and Marille is the calico
I have always owned a cat.  I was shocked to discover, when I was in college, that I am allergic to cats.  My allergist told me to keep the cat, as it will build up my tolerance.  I gladly said okay!  He then said that when I have kids I should let them roll around in the dirt and get dirty then let them stay that way for a few hours before I wash them!  Ha!  That makes me laugh but makes sense because, as he said, since I have allergies my children are more likely to have allergies so I need to allow them to build up tolerances as well.  I guess this means that my children will have pets.  They bring happiness and help children learn responsibility, hopefully!  I am thankful for cats today because I am still allergic to them but not nearly as badly as I could be!  Thank you Lord for animals and all of the beauty and lessons they bring!   :)  

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