Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Computer glitch...

Due to a computer glitch I was supposed to teach a high school class of this...

while simultaneously teaching this today

Never a dull moment I tell you!  I was wondering how that was going to work and luckily I was rescued and left to teach my cute "little ones" as they are often called by older "big" ones!  

The Lord loves to bring a smile to my face!  


Friday, August 20, 2010

A surprise in the box...

Google image boxes not the real boxes that arrived today!
The containter arrived today.  This means that all of our curriculum and supplies that we ordered in March finally arrived at school.  This also means that many of us showed up outside to unload, sort, and inventory all of the items.  Carrie and I were inventory buddies.  We finished our first set of boxes from Oriental Trading and then moved on to a box of randomness and a few things were missing in those boxes.  When we finished with that order, we moved on to the one sitting next to us.  It was a lone box that no one was touching and it was a pretty silver color.  So, we, being the diligent inventory control people that we are, start opening the box to inventory it.  While opening it we discuss that it is a strange box and "isn't it a pretty silver color".  When we get it open we are a bit surprised to discover newspaper as the filler for the box and then we see a black plastic trash bag.  At this moment I start to smell something familiar and my brain is trying to connect the smell as I look down the inventory sheet and discovered that inside the box should be fetal pigs for the biology class to dissect.  I quickly tell Carrie, "STOP, there are fetal pigs inside" as she is starting to attempt to open the black trash bag.   Carrie promptly gets this horrified look on her face and jumps back!  I then started laughing so hard I about had an asthma attack and we went to find someone else to inventory that box.  I am still giggling as I type this!  Hehe!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

German success... no matter how small

Hello or God's Greeting
So today, while walking with a group of friends to the U-bahn to go home from school, I heard this statement from a mother to her family... "Kindergarten ist nächste Woche."  I immediately, without thinking, turn to my friends and happily announce, "Hey guess what?!  Kindergarten is next week!"  Well, had I thought about it I would have realized that my friends probably didn't hear this statement from the mom and I just sounded random and weird by suddenly and excitedly repeating it translated.  Nonetheless, I was happy that I had German language success today regardless how small and dorky I sounded!  It is most certainly the little things that matter!  hehe

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Official Vienna residents...

Visiting friends this summer
As of August 14th we've been:
Buying: new yearly transportation passes - we were then asked for our pass while on the u-bahn so it was very handy to have the new ones!  We were also able to pick up our new Schluesselkraft Visas and insurance cards.  Yay!
Considering: that there is A LOT of work to be done in our classrooms before the first day of school which is next Monday.  Anyone want to come help??!  :)
Cooking: Buckeye balls and potato salad
Eating: yummy ribs at the staff BBQ
Googleing : the difference between wakeboards and skimboards
Learning: it is going to take a while for our brains to turn on to German and that we have a lot to do and not enough time to get it all done
Listening:  Fee thanks to Chante and friends' stories of their summer adventures
Loving: our own beds they are as comfy as marshmallows
Planning: what order I need to do things to try and make a miracle happen before next Monday!
Reading: a women's devotional and a book about a small town doctor
Watching: Gilmore Girls and Chuck
Wearing: slip resistant Tevas that will help my toe heal
Wishing: that jetlag would pass quickly and there were more hours in the day
Thankful: for supporters and words of love and encouragement
Writing:  lesson plan ideas - specifically month-by-month phonics ideas 
Hoping: that the new staff at ICSV transition well and know that we care about them