Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 17

Today's theme is memories.  I had a rough time with this one due to the fact I am already pretty homesick!  While thinking about what to take a picture of I remembered that I, for some reason, have some of my ballet stuff here from when I was a child.  I did ballet for many years starting around 8 years old.  I loved it!  I loved learning the new routines, practicing, even tap dancing!  It was so fun and I miss it some days.

Recital costume and a tiny ballet shoe.  I cannot believe my feet were that small when I was 8!  Ha!

I am thankful for memories.  Even the ones that don't always put a huge smile on my face like my ballet stuff does!  I am thankful for parents that loved me so much and we willing to let me try ballet and tap just because I thought I would like it.  It was such a blessing!

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