Sunday, February 28, 2010

What we're up to...

Buying: fabric paint
Considering: ideas to gain additional monthly donations or substantial one-time gifts
Cooking: ramen noodles
Eating: grilled cheese sandwiches
Googleing : the Olympic medal count
Learning: that it never gets easier on your heart when student moves away suddenly
Listening: Mark Schultz and Super Chick
Loving: my parents so much!
Planning: a wax museum project for my class
Reading: Exodus and a book called Blue Like  Jazz
Watching: House
Wearing: comfy flannel pajamas
Wishing: I could see my parents, siblings, and friends in the states
Thankful: for an anonymous donor who has allowed Carrie and me to attend a retreat at church
Writing:  to do lists

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Buying: Pink Lady Apples
Considering: Taking a German course but not sure if I can afford it!
Cooking: taco bake
Eating: honigwaffeln
Googleing : Mars Hill Bible Church and ideas for my character costume for book month
Learning: that it takes me a while to help my 15 students get their ice skates on
Listening: podcast sermons and the sewing machine
Loving: encouraging notes
Planning: a potential field trip to the House of Music
Reading: and translating grocery ads
Watching: Man's Favorite Sport - a movie
Wearing: green striped knee highs
Wishing: that I could speak German better and could afford to take a German language class
Thankful: that I am following the Lord where He leads me
Writing:  lesson plans, a birthday card, and post cards

Ways to Pray

·           - for one time gifts to come in to help with the cost of a German course.
-f        - Amanda’s sister-in-law who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer
·         - for our time in the Word to stay consistent
·          - for fellowship and close friendship s to strengthen
·         - for the rest of our support to come in QUICKLY
·         - for our students and their parents' ministries/jobs