Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 14

Today's theme is movement.  It is really hard to get good pictures of the little monkeys on the move!  They move so quickly after all!  So, I chose this funny picture instead!

I was thinking about movement today while watching my fast moving kiddos run around.  I realized that I cherish all movement from breathing to walking.  The Lord has blessed me with being able to live a normal life and has chosen me to tell the world about Him.  I am honored but also realize that every small movement from breathing to laughing to walking to the Ubahn is a precious miracle.  I was also thinking about my siblings who are physically disabled and how they longed to run and play with us.  We always tried to include them in our baseball games and life in general but I am sure it had to be hard for them.  Due to these experiences, I am ever so grateful for movement in my life.  Thank you Lord for such a precious gift of life, movement, and a family to remind me of your gifts.  

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leslie.kidd said...

Great post! I love your picture. Your words are so true. I am so thankful for movement as well!!