Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hey faithful blog readers...if there are any!  Sorry that we seem to have disappeared!  We have been busy, busy, busy in recent months!  I guess that is what happens we you start to prepare to move continents!  Here's a quick recap...

  • Christmas was good.  We stayed here and rested, wrote resumes, made some baby quilts, and spent some time at and around Vienna.  It was good but we wished we could have been in Colorado with family.  
  • January came and went fairly uneventfully.  We both got new kids in our classrooms (1 in 2nd grade and 3 in 3rd grade) they are a lot of fun and two of them are beginning ELL students.  
  • February is flying by as well.  We have currently applied for 7 teaching positions across Colorado and have heard back from not a single one of them.  We keep reassuring ourselves that it is still early in the game!  
  • We took our kids to the Praterstern Planetarium to conclude our science study of the solar system, constellations, and phases of the moon.  That was a blast and so fun to hear all of the kids ohh and ahh.  
  • We had a Greek day to end our study of the Greeks in history.  That was fun as well and they all decided that figs are gross.  :)  There is still a debate going on with the students about olives, love or hate, but that is for another day. 
  • We have almost concluded our annual ice skating with the elementary school.  This Friday will be the last adventure for our ice skating pros. :)
Prayer Requests:
  1. Pray for Carrie and I to have peace about the job searches.  It is stressful under normal circumstances but extremely stressful trying to do it overseas!
  2. Pray for our kiddos as we have SEW week this week and our students will be presented with the saving knowledge of Jesus on a daily basis.  Pray for hearts to be changed.
  3. Pray for us to continue to find joy and peace as we continue to minister here.