Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Is Not A Pipe

My students took an art field trip this week to the Albertina art museum to see the René Magritte exhibit.  I had, honestly, never heard of this artist but was pleasantly surprised to recognize many of the works that were displayed.  He was a very good artist.  Here are three things I learned about my students during this trip...

  1. They like to look at art and explain why the artist did what he did.  They will argue their point.  I am not surprised about this fact but the tour guide was.  She even mentioned once that she did not need to teach them anything about interpreting Magritte's works because they already think they know it all!  It was pretty funny to listen to them.  She was shocked that the kids seemed to get it and actually participated with their own ideas.
  2. This one made me laugh out loud and in a museum that is not good.  Here is the piece we were looking at...

       After she gave the kids significant time to look at the piece she asked them if it was a pipe.  They said no.  She asked why?  They read it to her, kind of loudly which didn't surprise me.  Then she asked them again if it was a pipe.  They said no.  At this point I heard one of the other kids tell another student that maybe it blows bubbles.  I was laughing pretty hard at this point.  The guide then asked the kids if she covered up the words would it be a pipe.  They said, well, yes of course.  So she uncovered the words and said... is this a pipe?  They then said no and she said that maybe we should move to another piece!  HAHA!!

3.  While coming out of the ubahn station one of my students suddenly stopped at the top of the escalator and wouldn't move so all of the kids behind her kind of fell into her. I heard her say "Miss Brunker!!" in a panicked voice and then I heard her say it again more loudly.  It was then that I jumped out of the way so I wouldn't run into her at the top of the escalator!  I suddenly saw the problem.  Her shoelace was stuck in the escalator.  My initial response was to ask her if she was okay and then try to get the boot off of her but people were going to cram into us so I yanked as hard as I could and then I did it again and finally we both went tumbling as the shoe lace broke free and an old lady yelled at us in German because we were in her way!  Man that scared me but I was thankful that neither my student or I are screamers under stress.  I am just quiet and try to act as quickly as I can to solve the problem.  She was fine but scared and now makes sure her shoes are tied tight when she gets on escalators!  Thank you Lord she wasn't hurt and I was able to free her.  :)

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