Friday, December 16, 2011

Greek Olympics

In 2nd and 3rd grade history we have been studying Ancient Greece.  They are learning so much and are having a blast!  The other day they had their official Greek Olympic games.  All 30 students competed in 5 events.  They were wrestling (arm wrestling), the javelin throw (performed with chopsticks), the discus throw (the frisbee throw), a sprint, and the long jump (8 and 9 year old style).  They competed with all they had and then the judges conferred (Carrie and Amanda) to decide the overall winners in each grade.  We then had an official medal ceremony consisting of medals, flowers, and cash winnings (chocolate Euro coins).  The Olympians had to, of course, wear their hand made olive wreaths on their heads and carry their torches to the ceremony!  It was so much fun!!!

So precious!
I am not sure what the gold medal winner is doing here but it makes me giggle!

So proud!

Pure cuteness!

Classic grade 3 boy pose.  This one makes me laugh because it captures each of their personalities so well!

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