Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ABCs.... Summer Review

To review what our whirlwind summer looked like here the ABCs:

  • A - automobiles - We HAD to drive to get anywhere.  It is not either of our favorite things to do!
  • B - books - We visited bookstores and loved the selection all in English!
  • C - collecting items that we would need at home and school for the year
  • D - dentist - Amanda had to have an expensive root canal and crown
  • E - easing back into American culture and volume...this took a while!
  • F - Food - enjoying American food and mom's home cooking!
  • G - gas/petrol/benzine (whatever you call it) - it was expensive but necessary
  • H - Hiking in beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park
  • I - interview - we did a video interview for our church's Mission Month in October
  • J - Jeans - Finding ones that fit and will last a year, hopefully more, was a trick.  They were even on sale!
  • K - Knitting Socks - Carrie learned how and now there is no stopping her!
  • L - Lost Luggage - When we arrived back in Vienna our luggage simply disappeared for a week! 
  • M - Michigan - We visited our friends Cindi and Kerry in their lovely home in Michigan.
  • N - New Haven, IN - We spent a weekend with our friends, nieces, and nephews.  It was wonderful to catch up after four years.
  • O - Operating Room - Amanda's brother, Trent, had brain surgery.  He is doing well.
  • P - Praising God for his Faithfulness in always supplying just what we need right when we need it.
  • Q - Quilling - We learned how to paper quill and it is a new favorite craft.  Liz is very good at it!
  • R - Race - we ran in a 5K in Parker, Colorado and the altitude just about killed us!
  • S - Sharing pictures of our ministry here in Vienna.
  • T - Time - there is never enough time when you only get to see people once a year!
  • U - Underwater - We went rafting with friends down Clear Creek and were glad that we didn't go underwater!
  • V - Visiting family and friends in Colorado, Indiana and Michigan
  • W - Watching tv with Grandma Wiggins - We just love her!
  • X - eXcited - Excited to hug my little niece Elsie and I was there to watch her learn to walk!!
  • Y - Yogurt - Frozen yogurt seems to be all the rage in CO!  It is yummy and we enjoyed it!
  • Z - Zug Um Zug - This is a fun board/strategy game that we were able to play with friends

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