Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A ransom note??!!

So I (Carrie) learned a hard lesson today! I set my keys on the counter in the teacher kitchen while I was warming up my lunch. Well, I forgot to go get them immediately and when I remembered to go get them they were gone. I knew that I did not go anywhere so I was wondering where in the world my keys would have gone. I was even thinking of sending out an e-mail to all of the staff. I was stressed out because we were told that if we loose our keys we have to pay 200 Euro per key as everything will have to re keyed. Since I have four keys on the key ring I was really concerned!!! While I was pondering what other steps I could take to miraculously find the keys, a cute little Primary (Kindergarten) girl came into my room and handed me a ransom note! This put my heart at ease and made me laugh pretty hard. Here is what the note said: "Dear Miss Schreffler, We have found something very valuable. If you want them back you must take us to recess 5 minutes early on the next day you have duty . . . OR ELSE! What say you? PRIMARY CLASS

Well, with a note like that from my friend and her class I couldn't say no. I will gladly take them out 5 minutes early to recess. It is the least I can do! I am relieved to not have to pay for new keys. This stressful time ended quite nicely with a lot of laughs, my keys found, and a fun story!

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