Sunday, October 10, 2010

I can write on the window?!

Are you kidding, Miss Brunker, you're going to let us write on the window?  That was the response my kiddos gave me when I told them that after they finished their assignment they could practice their spelling words by writing them on the window.  Even after they had the 'Miss Brunker approved window writing markers' and were writing on the wall of windows in our classroom, they kept looking at me to receive reassuring nods that yes, it is okay!  They are so cute and it is now the funnest way to learn their spelling words and memory verse ever (as they say!).  Enjoy the pictures!


Rachel said...

Are those Expo dry erase markers? I wondered about that because I, too, have an entire wall of my classroom made of windows. Does it come off with a tissue or do you have to spray something?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rachel, they are Expo dry erase markers. I really think any dry erase marker would work well. My kids just wipe it off with tissue, no spray involved! It is marvelous! :) ~Amanda